Restaurant Owner Makes Offer To Help Un-seat Brian Kelsey



This morning, Restaurant Iris and Second Line owner/chef Kelly English made an offer that anyone with political ambitions in District 31 might not be able to refuse. English posted that he'll host a political fund-raiser for whoever opposes Senator Brian Kelsey of Germantown in the next election.


Kelly's offer was a response to Kelsey's bill (SB2566) that would protect religious organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) that choose to deny services or goods in conjunction with a civil union, domestic partnership, or gay marriage. The Tennessee Equality Project has dubbed the bill the "Turn Away the Gays" bill, while Kelsey calls it the "Religious Freedom Act."

When contacted by the Flyer for a comment on why he's offering to support Kelsey's opponent, English said the following: "This is past politics. This is more a point of decency and rights as a human. I can not fathom someone who thinks this is okay to represent myself or our community. I will proudly support any good person opposing this way of thinking."

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