Advocacy Groups Team Up to Decorate Holiday Cards for Incarcerated LGBTQ Community


Healthy and Free Tennessee will be teaming up with GenQ Memphis to host the Black and Pink Holiday Card Decorating Party at OUTMemphis, where guests can decorate cards that will be sent to incarcerated members of the LGBTQ community.

Black & Pink, a national advocacy organization that joins incarcerated LGBTQ individuals with "free world" allies, hosted 150 similar card decorating parties across several countries last year, resulting in the distribution of more than 7,000 cards.

Especially poignant to this cause is the fact that in 2016, some men are still arrested under "anti-sodomy" laws in the U.S., according to recent reporting in The Advocate. The Supreme Court found these laws to be unconstitutional in the landmark ruling of Lawrence v Texas in 2003, yet as many as 12 states still have outdated versions of these laws in their books.

The event will last from 7-9:00p.m. on Friday, December 16. Card supplies will be provided.

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