Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers to Receive Beale Street Note


Larry Raspberry
  • Larry Raspberry

This Saturday night at the Levitt Shell, Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers will receive a Beale Street Note at a special reunion concert. Larry Raspberry has previously been honored with a Beale Street Note for being the leader of the Memphis based band The Gentry’s, a group who charted a number of hit records in the '60s.

In 1969, Raspberry started the Highsteppers and has been playing around the world ever since. Many of Memphis’ best musicians have played with the Highsteppers, including: Keith Sykes, Bill Marshall, Joel Williams, Doug McMinn, Tommy Cathy, Josh Haynes, Susan Marshall, Jackie Johnson, Reba Russell, Robert Nighthawk, Jim Spake and at least 50 other names. Many of the alumni will be featured at the concert this Saturday. The Beale Street Walk of Fame was started 25 years ago and this will be the 143rd note awarded.

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