Cave, Savoy Motel Live at Murphy's


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Cave from Chicago, Illinois.
  • Cave from Chicago, Illinois.

It would be a shame if Chicago’s Cave (one of Drag City Records’ better-kept secrets) came through Memphis to play Murphy’s, again, and did so to a somewhat empty room. Offshoot Bitchin Bajas were offered a rapt audience last December when they played at Glitch, but perhaps we’re comparing apples and oranges here. Largely instrumental and highly recommended to fans of loud and rhythmic Kraut rock / space-rock like Can, Neu!, and Hawkwind, Cave is a rather hard to pin down but extremely active band that has released five full lengths since forming in 2006. Cave co-founder Cooper Crain also busies himself as an in-demand Chicago engineer/producer, and his credits include recordings by Circuit Des Yeux, Times New Viking, Heavy Times, ONO, and Moon Duo, among others.   

Also on the bill is Savoy Motel, the new project of former Memphian Jeffrey Novak. Novak has a budding solo career and is the founder of Cheap Time, but Savoy Motel doesn't have much in common with those projects at all. Featuring memebers of D. Watusi and Heavy Cream, Savoy Motel should bring the funk to get things started tomorrow night. Doors are at 9 p.m. Check out songs from both bands below.


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