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Final Solutions - CANDERSON
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Final Solutions were a band that featured Jay Reatard on drums, and Goner Records co-owner Zac Ives as the microphone man. The group mostly played in Memphis at places like the Buccaneer and Murphy's, and their live show usually featured duct tape, splattered beer, and occasional nudity. Ives was one of the best punk frontmen in Memphis music history, but, as usual, Jay stole the show, cussing at his band members for not playing fast enough, not starting the songs fast enough, or just for generally not being as talented as he was.

One of the most fascinating things about the Solutions was the evolution of Jay Reatard's recording style, and their records serve as a timeline of Jay's increasing ability in the studio. Like last week's installment with the Knaughty Knights, Final Solutions singles are tough to find, but their 2007 LP on Goner, Songs by Solutions, can still occasionally be found floating around in used bins. Check out some songs by Final Solutions below. 

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