Godwin's Last Big Bust Nets 106 Arrests



Godwin and District Attorney Amy Weirich
  • Godwin and District Attorney Amy Weirich

In what will likely be his last big news conference, Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin announced today that Operation Street Sweep XXXIV netted 106 arrests after a months-long undercover investigation into illegal narcotics sales.

Fifty people were indicted for more than 160 offenses, including manufacture, delivery, and sale of a controlled substance to wit: crack cocaine, powder cocaine, ecstasy, Xanax, the pain killer Propoxyphene, and methamphetamine. Five of those indicted were known gang members from the Gangster Disciples and the Traveling Vice Lords.

Twenty-seven of the 50 people indicted were apprehended during the round-up yesterday, and 42 individuals were arrested on additional charges. Thirty-seven people were arrested for prostitution-related offenses.

The investigation, which ran from April 28th, 2010 to January 19th, 2011, also revealed two homes determined to be public nuisances. Petitions have been filed with the court to close down 698 Alabama and 1142 Margaret.

Godwin had these words to say about his last big operation before moving on to his position with the state Department of Safety and Homeland Security: "You always hate that something is your last, but I feel good for the citizens."

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