City Only Lays Off 52 Employees




Although city officials estimated 125 layoffs in budget-cutting measures, only 52 employees were given the boot today.

Those included one from the executive office, five in finance, 18 in the parks department, 12 from the public works department, one in human resources, eight in the general services division, six in the community enhancement office, and one in the legal department.

The police and fire departments were exempted from the layoffs, but the police department cut 37 positions through attrition. The fire department cut 15 positions through attrition.

Additionally, two employees retired from the legal department, one retired from human resources, and the IT department cut a vacant position.

Although they have no bearing on the general fund, the Workforce Investment Network, a city agency charged with retraining workers in obsolete positions, cut 11 positions today, as part of their overall restructuring.

There may be a few more city layoffs to come. The human resources department has scheduled a time next week to meet with a small number of employees who were on vacation today.

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