Memphis Police "Crime of the Week"



The Memphis Police Department is still searching for four men who robbed the Corner Grocery Store on E.H. Crump Blvd. on Tuesday, July 12th. "Crime of the week" status is assigned when the department needs help from the public in making an arrest.

The robbery happened at 9:20 p.m. and involved three African-American men and one of unknown race who drove the small, white, four-door getaway car. They were armed with a semi-automatic handgun and a shotgun.

The suspects have been described as follows:
#1- Male Black, wearing a black baseball cap, black t-shirt, knee-length blue jean shorts and red bandana around his neck.
#2- Male Black, wearing a black baseball cap with a purple bill, white t-shirt, white shorts and a dark-colored bandana around his neck.
#3- Male Black, black baseball cap, black tank top and black shorts.
#4- No description.

Click here to see video of the robbery. Here's a still shot of the robbery in progress. After this man pointed a gun at the clerk, two other men ran in. One pointed a shotgun while the other two stole money from the cash register and searched the clerk's pockets. The clerk appears unharmed at the end of the video.


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