Strip Club Regulations to Take Effect in January



No more stripping at city strip clubs?
  • No more stripping at city strip clubs?

There will be no more drinking or stripping at strip clubs beginning January 1st, thanks to a 2007 Shelby County adult business ordinance that's going into effect after years of being tied up in court.

U.S. District Court Judge Bernice Donald upheld the ordinance after strip club owner Jerry Westland filed a lawsuit in 2008 declaring the ordinance unconstitutional.

According to the new rules, clubs won't be allowed to sell alcohol, nor will customers be allowed to bring their own. Dancers will be required to cover their nipples and wear opaque bottoms, and they won't be allowed to come within six feet of patrons or one another. Dancers are also required to purchase permits, and clubs must pay an annual $500 licensing fee.

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