Shuttle Buses Coming to The U of M



This spring, University of Memphis students will have the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy a ride to class from one of six shuttle buses to begin operating next semester.

Angela Floyd, director of parking services at the U of M, said shuttle buses are being added due to increased enrollment.

“The University of Memphis is growing, which is a wonderful thing. The shuttle will assist with the movement of people around campus in a safe and efficient manner,” she said.

The buses also come as a part of the implementation of the school’s Campus Master Plan.

Floyd said that in preliminary discussions, plans were made to have three different routes for the six shuttle buses. The buses are still in the design phase, but Floyd said they will be wrapped with a University of Memphis logo.

The buses will be free to ride and open for public use, but procedures for campus visitors are still being determined. The estimated cost to fund the buses is also yet to be determined.

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