Suspect Charged In Millington Shooting


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Amos Patton of Cordova has been charged with one count of assault within the maritime and territorial jurisdiction and one count of carrying and using a firearm during and in relation to a federal crime of violence following yesterday's afternoon shooting at the Tennessee Army National Guard Recruiting Center in Millington.

On October 24th, Patton, 42, was asked by his commanders at the recruiting center to come in for a meeting. At that meeting, he was notified that he was being relieved of duty and recommended for a reduction in rank and a separation from active duty because of misconduct, according to an affidavit of complaint.

Patton was asked to return some government property, so he went to his government vehicle and returned with what was described in the affidavit as a "fanny pack." When Patton reached into the pack, a Tennessee Army National Guardsmen yelled and another officer attempted to subdue him. But Patton was still able to fire the gun he had in the pack. Shots fired from the gun struck three National Guard personnel.

Patton ran from the building, but he was caught and held until the Millington Police Department arrived and arrested him.

Patton faces up to 20 years for assault and a minimum of 10 years for the firearms charge if he is convicted.


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