Calling All Hotties!


It's that time again! We're looking for Memphis' hottest men and women so we can ask them frivolous questions and feature their hot faces in the pages of our Valentine's week issue.

A sample of last year's Memphis Flyer hotties
  • A sample of last year's Memphis Flyer hotties

So send us pictures and contact info for all the hot people in your lives. But make good and sure they're hot before you send 'em. We're not looking for any of that "Oh, he's hot because he's a good person" crap. We want truly gorgeous people, folks. Sure, it helps if they're good people, too. But for once, let's consider what really matters — looks.

Think you're hot stuff? Then nominate yourself! We promise we won't tell anyone.

Submit pictures, contact information for your hottie, and a few lines about him or her to We'll narrow submissions to the 14 hottest people, interview them, and ask them to come in for a photo shoot later in the month.

The deadline for submissions is January 24th.

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