Zeke Logan: 1965-2015



Memphis radio personality Zeke Logan has died. The announcement was made on WXMX 98.1 by his wife and children at 2:00 today. Logan was known for his dry humor and gentle satire. He was the perfect foil to his on-air partner, Drake Hall, for more than two decades, first on Rock 103, then, since 2004 on 98.1.

Logan, whose real name was David Millar, was diagnosed with cancer nearly three months ago and had not been on air for several weeks. On February 4th, Hall announced to his listeners that “it [wasn't] going well,” and asked them to pray for Logan and his family.

After the brief announcement, the station played “Jungleland” by Bruce Springsteen.

Zeke's family has set up a site to help them pay medical expenses.

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