Memphis-Shelby County Encourage Residents to Go Green With Sustainability Challenge


The Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability launched an initiative on Feb. 1 that will reward residents for going green.

We Sustain Shelby is a five-month campaign focused on reducing waste as well as cutting energy and water use in an effort to create a more sustainable community. 

The Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability will issue two to four specific actions for residents to achieve each week. The actions will fall under one of five "going green" themes: energy, water, waste, nature, and health. Some of the actions require less effort, like recycling or eating at a Project Green Fork certified restaurant. But others are more challenging — such as weatherstripping your home. 

Memphis and Shelby County residents can independently tackle the initiative or form a team when they sign up. Participants will self-report their actions as they complete the weekly challenges. They will earn points for each accomplished action.

A grand prize will be announced and awarded in July after the campaign concludes on June 24. 


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