Flyer Podcast: Bibles, Greensward, and a Very Naked Mayor



Welcome, Memphis, to the very first edition of the Memphis Flyer podcast.

We’re thrilled to reach our audience in a new way. It’s a bit rough around the edges but we’re working on that.

This week, Chris Shaw talks about Star & Micey’s new record and upcoming show. Bruce VanWyngarden talks about the Bible as a state symbol and the so-called “Slow Poke Bill.” Chris Davis talks about the very naked mayor of Hernando, Mississippi, and more. Susan Ellis talks about the brand new Loflin Yard restaurant and bar.

In the news department, we talk about an out-East MEMFix event, a mobile pop-up shop, and hear what Rep. Steve Cohen thinks about the Greensward controversy. Also, Eileen Townsend tells us about her cover story called “The Shackle,” which is about the GPS tracking devices that are mandated for some undocumented immigrants in Memphis.

Music is “I Can’t Wait” by Star & Micey.


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