Bass Pro Celebrates First Anniversary, 56 Tons of Fudge



Almost 3 million shoppers from all 50 states and a dozen countries have visited Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid since its doors opened a year ago.

The outdoor retailer said in a Friday statement that it expects the 3,000,000th visitor to crank the turnstiles at the massive Downtown attraction this weekend as the Memphis in May event kicks off. However, store officials noted that not every Bass Pro visitor goes through the turnstiles and the actual total visitor number is likely higher than 3 million. 
“Since opening one year ago Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid has welcomed customers from around the world and helped showcase everything the outdoors has to offer,” said the store's general manager David Hagel. “We are grateful to the Memphis community for giving us such a positive reception and to our incredible team of associates who make each visit a special experience.”

Here are some interesting facts from the store about the first year of Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid:

• Customers from all 50 states have shopped inside.

• International customers from more than a dozen countries including Australia, Argentina, Germany, and France have made a purchase.

• The General Store has served 56 tons of fudge.

• If you stacked every individual piece of fudge vertically, it would be 236 times taller than the Pyramid structure.

• If you stacked the fudge pieces horizontally, you could cross the width of the Mississippi River by the Pyramid 157 times.

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