State Cash Hits Memphis Building Projects



Some serious state cash is flowing to a ton of Memphis projects thanks to the Tennessee State Building Commission.

Here are some projects approved by the board earlier this month:


Eyes on you (everywhere)

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is getting $16 million ($16 MILLION!) worth of security cameras and wireless keyless access devices to buildings across campus.

The money will also establish an emergency operations center in the General Education Building at the corner of Dunlap and Madison.


People get ready

Southwest Tennessee Community College will get a new $3.5 million Industrial Readiness Facility, which will (put on your serious voice) “provide an effective teaching and learning environment for the local workforce to develop skill in sectors of advanced manufacturing.”

Memphis companies have long decried the lack of a local workforce ready to take on the jobs they have. Welp. Looks like Southwest is getting in the game.


Arena rock

AgriCenter International’s Show Place Arena is getting $2 million worth of improvements. State documents don’t spell out the particulars.

High on the Hill

This one’s not in Shelby County or even in West Tennessee but it’s one for proud Tennesseans everywhere…right?

The cupola that stands tall atop the vaunted Tennessee State Capitol building (where wise lawmakers tried to make the Bible the state book and wise lawmakers did, in fact, make the official state rifle the Barrett .50, a gun so powerful it can destroy commercial aircraft) is getting a full restoration.

Originally, the restoration was to cost only $1.95 million. The new budget was revised up to $2.5 million.

Here’s what that money will buy us:

“Complete restoration os the cupola including restoration or replacement of ornamental iron, interior and exterior stone repairs, painting of access structure, life safety tie-off installation, interior and exterior lighting and all related work.”

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