CLERB Votes to Hold Two Complaints Filed Against MPD Officers Until Additional Evidence Discovery


  • Saniphoto |
The Citizens for Law Enforcement Review Board voted tonight to continue gathering evidence in two complaints against Memphis Police Department officers in order to give the board more time to acquire additional evidence for both complaints. 

Paul Garner alleges that the MPD falsely charged him with disorderly conduct in late 2013 simply because he was filming police interaction with another citizen. Central to Garner's complaint is the assertion that MPD had not, until that point, made public any video recording policy that would provide criteria for whether or not police could arrest someone for filming them. 

The board passed a motion to request MPD's video recording policy relevant to the date of Garner's arrest.

Robert Howard alleges that an MPD officer intentionally and aggressively cuffed a visible blood clot on his right leg, even after he warned the officer that he was suffering from severe health conditions, including leukemia. 

After much deliberation, the board decided that there was a sufficient lack of evidence in Howard's case to justifiably dismiss or sustain his complaint. The board filed a motion to subpoena video tape from the Domestic Violence Bureau Family Safety Center, where Howard was being held after he voluntarily showed up to turn over a letter from the office of Amy Weirich addressed to his then estranged wife. 

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