The Buccaneer Has Risen From the Dead (Again)


It's been a tough few months for loyal patrons of the Buccaneer, as they've been ushered in and shooed right back out of the beloved Midtown dive bar. 

In May, Memphians rejoiced when former Hi Tone operator Jonathan Kiersky announced he would be taking over the ailing establishment effective immediately. Many musicians and patrons alike had declared they would boycott the music venue in recent months due to increasingly erratic and volatile behavior from the management. 

Alas, the jubilation was to be short-lived as on Oct. 11, Kiersky announced that due to circumstances inflicted by the previous owner, the Buccaneer was no more. The simultaneous shattering of countless, degenerate hearts was heard across the land. 

Those hearts now have the chance to mend, as Kiersky confirmed on Tuesday that the Bucc is back open and in full swing, albeit minus the ability to serve ample amounts of Jim Beam or any other liquor. 

So, go in, grab a cold beer and give thanks because as Kiersky said, "This roller coaster has achieved full stop." 


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