TDOC Sex Offender Compliance Sweep Yields Hundreds of Violations


The Tennessee Department of Corrections released their yearly numbers today from Operation Blackout, a state-wide sweep where parole officers and local law enforcement officers team up to check homes of registered sex offenders for any Halloween-related violations.

In a 10-day span, officers performed more than 3,000 compliance checks on homes of registered sex offenders, and netted 378 violations. Halloween yielded an additional 1,214 checks and 33 violations.

It's worth noting that the compliance checks cover a wide range of guidelines, and 378 violations does not necessarily mean there were 378 offenders donning masks and roaming neighborhoods.

Under Tennessee DOC guidelines, offenders may not leave their porch lights on, decorate their houses for the fall or Halloween season, leave their domiciles between the hours 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., or open the door for anyone other than a law-enforcement officer.

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