University of Memphis has Inaugural Board of Trustee Meeting



The University of Memphis held its first board of trustee meeting this afternoon in the university’s ballroom.

The U of M is one of the six state universities that Gov. Bill Haslam has allowed to create an in-house board. It’s a key component of the governor’s Focus on College and University Success Act, which was created to help Tennessee reach the goal of 55 percent of adults in Tennessee having a postsecondary degree or credential by 2025.

Members of U of M’s historical first board of trustees include former interim president for the University of Memphis and retired chairman and CEO of Saks incorporated, Brad Martin, as well as Alan Graf, executive vice president and chief financial officer for FedEx Corp. and the lone U of M faculty board member, law professor, Katherine Schaffzin.

“There are a lot of good universities around this country that would die to have this board,” Gov. Bill Haslam, who was present at the meeting, said.

Following an introduction of the board members, U of M president, David Rudd moved on to the first official business of the meeting— electing the board’s chairman, trustee Graf.

A vice chairman, trustee Martin, as well as an interim secretary, Melody Murray, and student trustee, Jared Moses, the university’s Student Government Association president, were also elected by the board.

Further business of the meeting included adoption of board bylaws, policies, committees, and chapters, as well as proposals for an expanded nursing program and financing for a new football practice facility. Both proposals were approved by the board.

View entire meeting here.

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