Lyft: Memphis Home to Generous Tippers


  • Lyft
Lyft said Memphis is home to some of country’s most generous tippers.

Memphis ranked 9th nationally in the percentage of Lyft rides that end with a tip. The ride sharing company operates in more than 350 communities across the country.

Here’s how Memphis stacked up in the nation’s top 10:

Salt Lake City, UT
Lincoln, NE
Portland, OR
Omaha, NE
Colorado Springs, CO
Louisville, KY
Nashville, TN
Denver, CO
Memphis, TN
Minneapolis, MN

So far this year, Lyft drivers have collected more than $250 million in tips. More than $50 million of those tips were generated in the last two and a half months, the company said.

Lyft drivers earned a total of $1.6 billion in 2016, according to the company.

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