Medical District Campaigns to End Pedestrian Fatalities


  • Memphis Medical District Collabortive
The Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) launched a "vision zero" campaign this week that aims to completely eliminate pedestrian fatalities in the Medical District by 2020.

Similar to other vision zero initiatives across the country, the Be Aware campaign, which is the first of its kind in the Mid-South, is built on five core principles: engineering, education, engagement, enforcement, and equity.

Program associate of MMDC Larissa Thompson says of all the core principles, equity is the most important.

“Equity is an overriding principle that informs all of our decisions about this work,” Thompson said. “We know that the pedestrians in Memphis who are at the greatest risk are mostly people of color and particularly young people.”

The Be Aware campaign comes as response to Memphis being named the ninth most dangerous metropolitan area in the county for pedestrians in a report done last year by Smart Growth America.

"Pedestrian safety is integral to creating a walkable and dynamic district,” MMDC program director Abby Miller said. “We want to create a culture here that reminds us that everyone walks at some point in his or her day. Protecting pedestrians is an issue that affects everyone and the solution will need to include everyone.”

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