With Demonstration, Local Group Urges Community to Avoid Walmart


Over the weekend, local members of Movimiento Cosecha held a demonstration at a Walmart on Winchester to rally against the corporation and how they feel the company's investments are hurting the immigrant and minoirty communities.

Cosecha Memphis, a group that organizes non-violent movements to fight for immigrant rights, spearheaded the protest on Saturday.

According to the group's Facebook page, the demonstration was meant to show Walmart that the immigrant community is aware of the company's investing in deportation, private detention centers, and the Correction Corporation of America.

Individuals with Cosecha, along with representatives from the Memphis Coalition of Concerned Citizens marched through the aisles of the store with signs and salsa music, urging customers and even employees to join their cause.

The group shouted remarks like, "Walmart is sickening our community" and "Walmart we know what you do," as well as warnings to the undocumented community that every time an individual shops at Walmart, they are "investing in their own deportation."

After about 15 minutes of demonstrating, and grabbing the attention of most customers and employees, with a little help from security, the group exited the store— but only to amp up their chants once they reached the parking lot.

Moving forward, Cosecha Memphis is encouraging the community to use their economic power and choose not to invest in Walmart for the sake of the immigrant community.

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