MLGW Says Customers Should be Aware of Latest Scam


Memphis Light, Gas, and Water (MLGW) officials say customers should be aware of a recent scam reported by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), in which scammers take advantage of rising temperatures to tempt customers with promised lower utility payments.

Officials say the scammers will usually call customers, claiming to represent the utility and be a part of a program aimed to help homeowners lower their energy bills.

Scammers might provide false details about registering for tax credit, enrolling in an alternative energy program, or signing up with a competitive energy supplier.

Identity theft becomes an issue, as customers might be asked to hand over personal information such as Social Security numbers in the process of signing up for the non-existent programs.

Other scammers might even ask for upfront payment on the spot for a future energy savings program, which MLGW officials say will never materialize.

To avoid being scammed, officials suggests that customers verify that a program exists and check the BBB scam tracking site before enrolling, while being wary of social media postings about the utility's programs that do not come directly from official MLGW accounts.

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