City Council Votes to Budget $6.5M to Repave City's Streets


More city streets will soon be repaved, as Mayor Jim Strickland says the City of Memphis is back to its 25-year paving cycle for the first time in a decade.

This cycle allows for each street in the city to be paved once every 25 years.

The Memphis City Council voted last week to appropriate $6.5 million of funds for the repaving of streets throughout the city.

Strickland, who says the condition of the city's streets is a major priority to his administration, reports that the City's division of Public Works now has twice the amount of funding for paving projects than it had four years ago.

As the paving projects move forward, Strickland says the City will be transparent about its plans, allowing the public to track if and when a particular street will be paved on this map, which shows current and future paving areas.

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