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...It's Thanksgiving time again.

I was originally just going to post this link, in celebration of the time-honored tradition of hand turkeys.

There are, of course, many variations but my favorite is this guy:

This cat has thumbs.
  • This cat has thumbs.

Most cats wouldn't be able to make your standard hand turkey because the don't have thumbs. (And a headless hand turkey just looks like a bush or something.)

But that cat appears to be polydactyl, meaning it has a genetic mutation that caused it to grow more toes than normal. They're sometimes called Hemingway cats, because Hemingway had one and now his estate in Key West is covered in them.

There's lots of folklore around polydactyl cats and they were especially popular on ships. (And good lord there's a lot of stories about ship's cats.)

I'm not really going anywhere with this, except to say once and for all... Only mutant cats get to make hand turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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