On Holiday Spirit



When it comes to Holiday Spirit, I'm what marketers call a "late adopter." I just can't get revved up the day after Thanksgiving (or Halloween, as it seemed to be this year) the way some people can. Deep down, I know I can't sustain my enthusiasm for a whole month without serious risk of having a blowout and going all Dan-Aykroyd-in-Trading-Places at someone's party.

See above.
  • See above.

I'm not a humbug, I'm just pacing myself.

But this vid making the rounds put a smile on my face:

(My favorite part is the janitor with the wet floor sign. But anyway...)

Something about a flash mob in a shopping mall really hits the nail on the head when it comes to our attitudes toward the collection of various religious and secular events we now call The Holidays. It expresses a hope we all seem to have: In the midst of the consumerism-binge, something kind of amazing can happen. At least enough to make you smile and say "that was awesome."

I know it's a little early yet, but Happy Holidays.


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