The Great Snake Debate



First, some background from The Commercial Appeal on the acrimonious debate that ensued as the above video went viral (a debate that continued in typically civil fashion (har) in the comments.)

Not that I don't think we should talk about this. We really should - all of us - be prepared, mentally and morally, for the snake that will inevitably, one day, crawl from beneath the hood of our speeding, child-filled automobiles.

Are you the kind of person that calmly pulls to the side of the road, apologizes to the snake for displacing it from its previous habitat then sends it on its way after demurely offering it some of your granola as a peace offering? Or maybe you'd just pull out your .357, blow it's head off, and tie the remaining skin around your cowboy hat?

Serious question here, people.

What are YOU going to do when a snake crawls across your windshield?

You'd better know for sure, otherwise... well, what kind of person are you anyway?


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