Chow for Cheap: Bayou Grill



Today's budget meal is brought to you by Madison Avenue's delicious Bayou Bar & Grill. While the menu is bursting with great Cajun dishes at reasonable (though a bit on the hefty side) prices, the real steal can be found at lunchtime - each day, there's a different combo special for $6.95.

Monday's is red beans and rice with a side salad. I can personally vouch for its quality, having taken advantage of this nicely-sized meal many times, including this very afternoon.


Other lunch specials:
Tuesdays: chicken po-boy and cup of gumbo
Wednesdays: half-order of jambalaya and side salad
Thursdays: half-Muffaletta and cup of gumbo
Fridays: half-order of blackened chicken and shrimp fettucine and side salad

Again, each of these meals is only $6.95, making this excellent Cajun food an affordable luxury for those of us looking to save.

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