Chow for Cheap: Molly's La Casita



You all know Molly's La Casita is delicious, I presume. But I've always categorized it in the higher end of low-price restaurants, especially relative to most Mexican restaurants.

But yesterday, my powers of a-la-carte meal-meaking prevailed! I enjoyed a well-rounded, filling meal at Molly's for just under $5, and discovered a great new dish in the process.


That dish was the black bean soup, which I ordered in the "cup" for $2.50 (the "bowl," which I was told is only slightly larger, was $3.50). It came with a dollop of sour cream on top and pico de gallo and a flour tortilla on the side, and was - let me say it again - just excellent.

I personally believe Mexican food is best when it's all mixed up, so I ordered a side of rice ($1.75) and stirred it in with the soup. It added a nice texture, and when I'd eaten most of it, I shoveled the rest into the tortilla for a little taco of sorts.

That's $4.25 total, for those of you keeping count at home.

Delicious and cheap - and honestly, I had trouble finishing it. Success!

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