Former Memphis Wrestler Brickhouse Brown Aims, Shoots



Ronald “Brickhouse” Brown, the self-proclaimed “master of seduction” who once wrestled as “The Black Prince,” has never had any trouble talking trash. Once, while grappling in Memphis in the mid-1980s, he snarled at Jerry “The King” Lawler, who'd recently become a national figure after slapping comedian Andy Kaufman on Late Night with David Letterman. “Nobody never ever touch me unless I want them to, and I'm talking about a young, lovely tenderoni," Brown said to Lawler. "And you don't look anything like lovely.” Then he turned on a fan and barked. “You know I'm better than 'fairly decent.' I'm a superstar!”

“Superstar" may be a bit of a stretch, but Brickhouse Brown certainly lived the life of a hustling professional wrestler at the end of the independent era and the dawn of the WWE. And the man can still talk trash with the best of them. Brown's new DVD finds the aging pretend gladiator dishing on drug use and orgies, claiming that fellow ringsmen Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Ric Flair, Gary Hart introduced him to pot all under the watchful eyes of referee Tommy Young.

"I ain't sure why nobody ever whooped Jerry's ass," Brown complains, leveling some harsh accusations at Lawler. In addition to some more incendiary charges, he claims the King of Memphis wrestling stole his idea for the Pretty Young Things (The PYT Express), a tag team comprised of Michael Jackson impersonators.

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