JT on SNL: Tuesday Preview



(Justin Timberlake is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, for the third time. In anticipation, Sing All Kinds is looking back on his memorable past SNL performances.)

Before Timberlake was anything else to the world at large, he was a music/dance performer. Up today is a skit where Timberlake mines that history, to pretty funny effect: a parody of Beyoncé's video shoot for "Single Ladies." Timberlake didn't host the episode, so this is really a pretty great cameo.

From Saturday Night Live, episode 1539, season 34. Host: Paul Rudd/Music guest: Beyoncé, Air date: November 15, 2008.

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And speaking of music videos, check out the one for "Love Sex Magic," the single from Ciara, who has music duties next to Timberlake on SNL this weekend. The two have ... chemistry.

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