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fb82/1243176696-pga_g_daly_400.jpg John Daly: flawed, trashy, and extremely big-hearted.

ESPN reports that Daly wore pink pants in his final round of the BMW PGA Championship. Fashion faux pas? Nope. He actually donned the pink trousers in support of Amy Mickelson — the wife of golf superstar Phil Mickelson — who has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

From the story, Daly says:

"I had a pair, so I figured I'd do that for her today. I thought it would be a good gesture," Daly said of his trousers. "I know Phil very well and I know Amy. I've known them for a long time — we've played the Tour together. She's a great lady. She has always been a sweetheart to everybody."


"There's been some [breast cancer] in the family and a lot of friends. It's just a tough thing women have to go through. But if they caught it in time, it is curable."

Phil Mickelson was slated to attend the St. Jude Classic (June 8-14 in Memphis) before suspending all play after his wife's diagnosis.


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