It's not too often you get reports of UFOs in the Memphis area, much less ones that are captured on video and disseminated through YouTube. A dispatch from discusses a May 20th sighting in Horn Lake, Mississippi, of all places. (Warning, video contains NSFW language.)

Read down to the end of the story from, and you'll get the commenters dismissing the mysterious lights as nothing more than flares from a military exercise — a common explanation for UFO sightings. Not that that's not a viable possibility, but I've always wondered, why do military exercises so frequently use flares? I'm not being cheeky, I really want to know.

The Horn Lake lights are reminiscent of the Phoenix lights of a decade ago. Okay, I admit it, I'm into this stuff a little, at least in a pop culture way. I do not wear tin foil on my head. And I would guess the people who shot this video don't either.

Worst case scenario, maybe this video will serve you in a future installment of Harvard/Horn Lake Trivia.

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