The Day the Music Died Again



fafa/1246301438-p._20_cover_story_5.jpg All this business about Michael Jackson dying has reminded us here at the Flyer of that August day back in 1977 when Elvis almost died. The similarities are eerie, though I suppose they could be overstated, seeing that Elvis went on to have an eventful life and owned an NFL team, and Michael, well, won't.

As for other matters, the fallout from Jackson's demise continues. says Memphian Justin Timberlake may play a part in rescuing Jackson's sold-out shows in London. The report quotes an unnamed Timberlake confidant, who says, "Michael was Justin's idol, like he was for many artists. Right now he's still in shock but already there is a big feeling that he and maybe some others in the entertainment industry should do something to show their admiration for Michael and his music. Michael was working so hard to make his comeback in London work so it would be fitting if Justin and some of his friends fulfilled at least some of that commitment in some small way."

The UK's Daily Mail corroborates that JT may be involved in some kind of memorial show(s).

I only wish Elvis hadn't died two years ago, cuz then he could be in the memorial concert, too. I'd have loved to have seen Elvis duet with Tito on "The Girl is Mine."


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