Courtney Hunt on Courtney Hunt



2b6f/1247865444-nymag-courtney-hunt.jpg Memphis-born filmmaker Courtney Hunt has penned an excellent viewpoint titled "Is a New Women's Cinema Emerging?" for the London Evening Standard today. In it, Hunt recalls being raised by her single mother, who frequently took her to art-house cinema and whose influence can be felt in her debut feature Frozen River.

The Flyer talked to Hunt last year prior to Frozen River's debut. Hunt talks about her mother taking her to the Memphian, the art-house theater where Playhouse on the Square currently stands, and about a potential future film set in West Tennessee. Frozen River won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and garnered Oscar nominations for Hunt (Best Original Screenplay) and star Melissa Leo (Best Actress).

(photo: Chris Buck for New York magazine)


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