I Just Became a SuperFan



7329/1248107331-2_61_final5_350.jpg If you're my friend on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or Friendster, you already know how lackadaisical I am about social networking.

But I've got to admit that SuperFan, the brainchild of Tickle.com founder Rick Marini, is pretty cool. Basically, it's a one-stop spot that serves as a platform for music, photos, quizzes, and videos, as well as social networking (kinda like a combination of Flickr, MySpace and Facebook). Accumulate enough points by becoming a "fan" of your favorite sports teams, movie stars, and music groups, and you can become a "SuperFan."

Memphis-related pages for Memphis Slim, Lucero, Chris Bell, Jay Reatard, the Box Tops, the Grifters, Gangsta Pat, Egypt Central, Ingram Hill, Judge Joe Brown, and, yes, the U of M Tigers are already up and running, although you have to create a profile (or use your Facebook log in) to check 'em out.

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