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813e/1248453768-mgmt3.jpg We here at the Flyer have found ourselves caught in a catch-twentysomething when attempting to cover the electronic-psychedelic rock music group MGMT. On the one hand, one of ’em is from Memphis (band member Andrew VanWyngarden graduated from White Station High School) and the band is growing into a worldwide sensation. Seems a natural to write about them as the cause arises.

*On the other hand, Andrew is the son of Bruce VanWyngarden, editor of the Memphis Flyer. Is it unseemly to cover MGMT when they make news?

Some people think so. Consider Flyer website commenter safeguy, who said, in response to a story about the band playing in Memphis this June, “I sometimes wish that the Flyer was a paid weekly so that I could threaten to unsubscribe every time you write another article about MGMT.” And HeyPrettyBoy said, in response to the same story, “I LOVE MGMT! but too much MGMT isn't cool...”

So what are we to do at SING ALL KINDS? Ignore the elephant in the room, which is reportedly collaborating with Sir Paul McCartney and Jay-Z?

Or embrace the disclaimer?

Guess which one we’re doing.


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