Indie Memphis: New Encore Schedule



The Indie Memphis Film Festival had some schedule conflicts with its initial encore screenings slate.

The readjusted schedule is here:

Monday, Oct 12th:

1:00 pm — Wheedle’s Groove

3:30 pm — Easier With Practice

6:30 pm - Family Matter (documentary short) screening with William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

Tuesday, Oct. 13th:

1:00 pm - Ghost Bird

3:00 pm - Stingray Sam

3:30 pm — Shooting Robert King

4:30 pm - The American Astronaut

Wednesday, Oct. 14th:

1:00 pm - Invisible Girlfriend

3:00 pm - That Evening Sun

3:30 pm - Luckey

Thursday, Oct. 15th:

12:00 pm - The Wild And Wonderful Whites Of West Virginia

2:30 pm - Children Of Invention


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