Li'l Film Fest 12 This Weekend



Live From Memphis' quarterly Li'l Film Fest will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Brooks Museum of Art.

This 12th Li'l Film Fest is the biggest ever, with 19 short films totally roughly 90 minutes, among them works from such established local filmmakers as Morgan Jon Fox, Ryan Parker, and Corduroy Wednesday.

The theme for this Li'l Film Fest is "Free Footage" with all filmmakers given three short clips — car headlights in the distance, trees swaying a twilight sky, a pair of hands rubbing an egg — and asked only to incorporate the footage into their films in some way.

The results are scattered, as you'd imagine. Some took the challenge as an impetus to make experimental films rooted in rhythmic editing and visual collage. Others found ways to incorporate the footage organically into narrative films. And still others took a post-modern approach to challenge, using found footage within the context of their films as just that — found footage.

At the end of the screening, a $500 Grand Jury Prize will be awarded. There will also be an audience award, with the winner getting proceeds from the door.

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