Knowledge Bowl: St. Benedict at Auburndale Eagles vs. Arlington Tigers



Knowledge Bowl, Match 10. St. Benedict at Auburndale Eagles vs. Arlington Tigers. Aired January 2nd, 2010.

St. Benedict (Red)
Nathan, Senior (Captain)
Rebekah, Senior
Louis, Junior
Dylan, Senior
Alternate: Nick

Arlington (Blue)
Benjamin, Senior (Captain)
Gunther, Senior
Will, Junior
Kristen, Senior
Alternate: Nick

Round One: St. Benedict 170, Arlington 60
Round Two: St. Benedict 80, Arlington 140
Round Three (Lightning Round): St. Benedict 40, Arlington 40
Final: St. Benedict 290, Arlington 240

The Game: St. Benedict against Arlington made for the second-best match this season (behind Marion/FACS). St. Benedict streaked ahead in the first round, withstood a furious comeback in the second, and played Arlington to a statistical tie in the third to win the thing. Though St. B. registered a 50-point margin of victory, the decision remained very much in doubt throughout.

Rick Barry
  • Rick Barry
The comeback was abetted by efficiency with the bonus. Both teams got 6 toss-ups correct in the second round, but Arlington went 5 for 6 in bonus opportunities. St. Benedict went 1 for 6. Earlier this season I likened the early buzz-in make to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's sky hook. Staying with the basketball context, the team bonus make is the "old-fashioned three-point play" — making a shot, getting fouled, and making the free throw. And when it comes to free throws, no one has ever been more high-quantity prolific than Rick Barry. Who cares if he shot his free throw granny-style? He made 'em. Daggers to the neck of the opponent. Aspiring to Rick Barry's career 90 percent free-throw percentage should be in the heartbeat of all Knowledge Bowl teams. Don't be a Chuck Hayes. Be a Rick Barry.

This Day in Buzzer History: At one point in the game, Louis (St. Benedict, Junior) rang in and Benjamin (Arlington, Senior) rang in an instant later. Both buzzer noises were registered, creating momentary confusion. KB judge Richard Ranta noted that Louis got in first and gave him the opportunity to answer. The KB director clearly noted this as well, with the camera choice going to Louis rather than Benjamin (or, for that matter, to Jim Jaggers). It was a nice moment where the humans got it right and the machines got it wrong. Take that, Skynet!

Sky Hook Captain and the World of Tomorrow: Speaking of Louis, the man was dominant in ringing in early and getting the answers correct. Of his 9 correct answers in the match, 5 of them were off of early buzz-ins. The most astonishing was when he gave the correct answer "McClellan" ridiculously early, long before anyone else had sussed out where the question was heading. Bravo.

The Kids Are Alright: Nathan is the defensive co-captain for St. Benedict's ultimate frisbee team. Rebekah has a $60,000 scholarship to Georgia Tech, if she chooses to go there. Dig it. Keep your options open, Rebekah. Make 'em sweat.

Louis said he's the battle axe keeper protector victim. The battle axe, he said, is a school mascot, and his principal got mad at him once for not protecting it properly. Fabulously, at the end of the match, we got to see the fabled battle axe, as Louis carried it while shaking hands with Arlington. (And did Louis and Nathan have a secret handshake?)

Dylan said he can speak in six accents: Scottish, Indian, British, Cockney (not to be confused with British), Canadian, and Australian. Actually, it's seven: Don't forget the magnificent American accent, envy of the world.

Benjamin has narrowed his college choices down to Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, and Brown. It must also be said that Benjamin was sporting a serious Victorian Era-class goatee. That's no peach fuzz, my friend. Seventeen-year-old Greg is mighty jealous. Heck, so is 34-year-old Greg.

Gunther wants to be a college history professor. Will is into AP Chemistry. Kristen wants to go to MIT, Vanderbilt, or Virginia Tech and one day work in prosthetics. Come back home if you do so, Kristen. Memphis has a great up-and-coming biotech industry.

Maggie Malone (left) as Hansel and Trisha Phillips as Gretel
  • Maggie Malone (left) as Hansel and Trisha Phillips as Gretel
Dr. Richard Ranta, Renaissance Man: After we get to know the kids, Jaggers and Knowledge Bowl judge Ranta hold brief palaver where Ranta tells about some other nonprofit/initiative/community effort he’s involved in. It’s quite funny, en masse, getting a handle on all of the things Ranta participates in.

This week we heard more about Ranta's day job as dean of College of Communication and Fine Arts. His department Includes the opera program, and the school's production of Hansel and Gretel won first place in its category in a National Opera Association competition. Ranta made sure to give credit to director Copeland Woodruff and conductor/music director Mark Ensley.

Objection, Your Honor: Is the response “the Midwest” acceptable when the correct answer is "the Great Plains" or "the Dust Bowl region?" It was deemed acceptable, and my initial reaction was that it shouldn't have been. I'm currently agnostic on the matter.

Malaprostagisms: Guadalupe, parabola, Abkhazia, pelagic, malleus, Coriolis effect

Tune in Next Time: Craigmont Chiefs vs. St. Agnes Stars

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