Muck Sticky & the Rock-afire Explosion




In what is surely an early frontrunner for the most bizarre local music story of 2010, local comedy rapper Muck Sticky has announced a partnership and tour with the animatronic former house band from the old Showbiz Pizza (a precursor to Chuck E. Cheese's) chain, the Rock-afire Explosion.

“Considered to be the greatest animatronic rock band of all time” (according to the press release posted on Muck Sticky's blog), the Rock-afire Explosion will join Muck Sticky's colorful crew for college, theater and festival dates nationwide this summer and fall on a joint venture called “the L.I.F.E. (Love Is Free Everyday) Tour.” The show will consist of songs from both Muck Sticky and the Explosion's catalog of original songs, along with comedy skits, interactive games, and motivational speaking.

There is no word yet if and when the show will hit Memphis.

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