Skewby Gets Busy



Memphis hip-hop hopeful Skewby, who was tabbed an "Unsigned Hype" by The Source earlier this year and featured in our spring music issue, has been prolific of late, with a series of first-rate mixtape-style releases coming out over the past few weeks as an appetizer for his upcoming debut "album," More or Less.

Today, Skewby and his team put up a video for his remix of the P.Diddy single "Angels":

Earlier this month, Skewby reacted to the NBA free-agency madness with his own single, "Free Agent":

And late last month, Skewby teamed up with fellow Memphis MC Gyft for the terrific "So Dope":

None of this new music is from the forthcoming More or Less, currently planned for a September release. It's all just the opening act. You can download all this music and find out more about Skewby here.


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