On the Scene: Highlights from the Center for Southern Folklore's Music & Heritage Festival, Day 1.



Every year I'm floored by both the quality and diversity of the acts performing at the Center For Southern Folklore's Music and Heritage Festival. Saturday's lineup included performances by Country sweetheart Nancy Apple, Rock diva Alicja Trout, Memphis Soul torchbearers The Bo-Keys, Jug band music with David Evans, Gospel goodness with Darrell Petties and down home blues with Barbara Blue and Bobby Rush. There was a smattering of bluegrass, a healthy serving of jazz, and something called Gothic Americana. Here's a too brief sample of what the day had to offer.

There are days when I sincerely believe that Los Cantadores are the best band in Memphis. Here's why.

The True Sons of Thunder wink at hardcore with "Ebola."

An extended Gospel slow-jam with the Golden Keys

Jack O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers cover Travis Wammack's "Scratchy," with John Paul Keith taking the lead.

The festival picks up where it left off on Sunday at noon. It's still free.


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