Gonerfest 7 Preview, Part 2: Out-of-Towners With Local Ties



Gonerfest 7 starts up tonight at the Hi-Tone Cafe. Yesterday, in part one of this three-part cheat sheet, I looked at some of the local acts. Here, in part two, some of the visiting bands with local ties.

Out-of-Towners With Local Ties

Strapping Fieldhands (Friday, 12:00 A.M., Hi-Tone): This Philadelphia indie-rock band released a great record, Wattle & Daub, for local label Shangri-La Records (now Shangri-La Projects) back in 1996. Another check for the ol' must-see list.

Missing Monuments (Wednesday, 10:30 P.M., Hi-Tone): Louisiana native and one-time Memphian "King Louie" Bankston (formerly of the Royal Pendletons, the Persuaders and the Bad Times, among others) is the frontman for this straightforward, tuneful garage-rock outfit.

Golden Triangle (Saturday, 5:00 P.M., Murphy's): Revved-up, B-52s-ish new wave from Brooklyn. Group member Alix Brown once collaborated with the late Jay Reatard in great band called the Angry Angles.

Destruction Unit (Thursday, 10:30 P.M., Hi-Tone): This dark, synth-punk band features another former Memphian, Ryan Rousseau. Rousseau is/was a member of many noteworthy Goner-related bands, including the Reatards, Digital Leather, and Tokyo Electron.

John Wesley Coleman (Saturday, 9:00 P.M., Hi-Tone): This member of Austin's Golden Boys (also performing at Gonerfest Friday at the Buccaneer) will have a new solo album coming out on Goner Records next month.

For a full schedule, see gonerfest.com


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