Gonerfest 7 Preview, Part 3: The Internationals



Gonerfest 7 starts up tonight at the Hi-Tone Cafe. Yesterday, in part one of this three-part cheat sheet, I looked at some of the local acts. Earlier today, in part two, I highlighted some of the visiting bands with local ties. Finally, let's take a look at some of the international acts showcased at this year's Gonerfest.

The Internationals

Guitar Wolf (Saturday, 1:00 A.M., Hi-Tone): This legendary Japanese punk band will serve as Gonerfest's co-headliners. Their 1993 debut LP, Wolf Rock!, was actually the first-ever Goner Records release.

So Cow (Thursday, 11:15 P.M., Hi-Tone): Tremendously catchy Irish noise-pop.

Red Mass (Saturday, 4:30 P.M., Murphy's): Strange, '60s-ish/psychedelic rock from Canada.

Armitage Shanks (Saturday, 11:15 P.M., Hi-Tone): Absolutely classic garage-punk from the U.K. A vastly underappreciated band in the U.S., Armitage Shanks could be a sleeper pick for can't-miss act of the festival.

For a full schedule, see gonerfest.com


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