Sound Advice: Red January, Part II



3D Acid Glasses
  • 3D Acid Glasses

Tonight, local indie bands will team up with the Memphis Socialist Party for the second time this month. Following a New Year's Day fundraiser at the Buccaneer featuring Manatees and Drugwars, among others, the Memphis Socialists will host another throwdown tonight at the Poplar Lounge. A $3 minimum donation gets you in and secures some vegan treats for you, according to the group's website.

This installment of "Red January" will feature 3D Acid Glasses, a sprawling, schizophrenic outfit with acid-trip-at-the-beach undertones; Girls of the Gravitron, which includes members of the Barbaras and Magic Kids and rests somewhere on the boundary between shoegaze and energetic garage pop; and Modern Convenience, a one-man-outfit turned sometimes-band that's thick, frenzied, and laden with early punk references. DJs Buck Wilders and Bosco Delrey round out the evening's lineup; the festivities begin at 9 PM.

These shows are booked by Magic Kids frontman Bennett Foster, and Memphis Socialists president Neal Gammill says they've been a great success. Proceeds from the shows go toward the party's outreach work, including tutoring programs and a Binghamton community garden.

So prepare for great local music and some socialist literature. Sounds like a bangin' Friday night to me.


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