Folk Alliance Video Diary: Wednesday, February 16



Over the Rhine may have headlined the opening night of this year's Folk Alliance Conference but Memphis artists were well represented. Here's a small taste of what I took in between 9 p.m. and midnight.

Nancy Apple hosted her weekly pickin'-party in the Marriott's Trolley Stop Cafe.

Dan Montgomery's a great singer, a nimble guitar player, and his songwriting just keeps getting better. "The Girl with the Broken Bell," is a literate homage to Philly, and some important things that happened there.

Percy Wiggins sings "Can't Find Nobody to Take Your Place" with the Bo-Keys.

Amy LaVere with an 80's-era David Bowie—or perhaps Dave Cousar— on guitar and backing vocals.

Over the Rhine

Deering & Down: His guitar licks are spastic and inspired. Her voice sounds like she ripped it out of Mazzy Star's throat with her bare hands. And they aren't afraid to be a little freaky.


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