Sound Advice: Di Anne Price & Her Boyfriends at Levitt Shell



She's probably not as high-profile as some artists who record and tour more frequently, but pianist and jazz/blue singer Di Anne Price might be the most purely satisfying musician on the Memphis scene, in any genre or at any level.

Price's rich, voice-of-experience interpretation of blues and jazz standards — at times sarcastic, erotic, conversational, delicate, soulful — can typically be heard at small bars and clubs such as Huey's or Mollie Fontaine's, but tonight Price and her companionable Boyfriends will take to a bigger stage, playing a free concert at the Levitt Shell at 7:30 p.m.

If you haven't seen Price in a while — or especially if you've never seen her at all — and if the weather holds up, you should treat yourself tonight.

Here's a snippet from one of Price's local club gigs:


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